I just can’t keep calm, its my Best Friend’s Birthday!!!!!! Gal it’s been awesome one year and some months with you, how we blended in and became best of friends is still a mystery. You have seen me at my best, at my worst too and you still stuck around. You’ve always celebrated with me my small wins. Thank you for being my best friend, my confidant, my family, my favourite workmate, my wing woman and many more. You have the biggest heart i know of and everyday i pray to GOD to grant you all your heart desires and all the fine things in the world. As you turn an year older hun, my wish to you is; may all you’ve always wanted in life come to pass, may you grow to be a GOD Fearing lady you are, may all your heart desires come to pass, may that dream job come through, may that car come through pia atleast twendange roadtrip ya ukweli sio ya mdomo  tu, may your cup overflow with GOD’S blessings and favours and may you never lack anything!!! HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MOH!!!!

Nails!!! Nails!!!!

IMG_20190530_111939we all love neat and well groomed nails don’t we? Well, now i do love my nails all glammed up. So i got a nail spa treat from a friend for post mother’s day. To be honest, i never thought my nails would ever look this awesome……am so in love. So i got off from work then my phone rings and my friend is like ‘am 100% sure you forgot our little meet up date……and to be honest i had totally forgotten all about it, so i rush to our meeting place and the friend is already in a hurry to leave because she was travelling. We had kidogo chitchat the she was like my nails looked ugly……….i know what you thinking……ofcourse i got mad kidogo. So my excuse was sinanga time ya kwenda kutengenezwa kucha juu being a mom i do all the chores like doing laundry,cleaning the house and the utensils and so i don’t see how the nail do will survive in such condition. My friend was kidogo mad and was like am paying for that nail-do so look for a nail spa n have your nails done and send a pic. Here is a big thank you to that special friend and a pic of my awesome nails i got from a very nice guy, you can check him out on facebook at  or through his phone number 0725095917 and go have a nail-do. This guy is just the best in Embu Town so far…….ooohhh and he does tatoos too so check him out. Meanwhile,y’all bitches won’t be having peace hizi streets coz i will be pointing everything just so you could see my nails…….eeeeiiiishhh i feel good!!!! Mama needs such treats monthly!!!


40627043_259003101614954_4636924882072175731_n(1) So, 20+ years ago, a baby boy was born. The baby was supposedly my elder brother and they named him Kenedy Murimi Ndwiga…………Then a few years later a baby girl was born (me) and that’s how sibling rivalry started between me n my brother. Growing up with him as my elder brother was fun….really fun like i enjoyed every bit of my childhood with him. He once told me “mimi sio wao” hehehehe the beating he got after that though….There was a time we fought but ofcourse he always won….growing up together was the best…..he has always been the brother any girl would ever wish for….always looking out for me. There are times i could feel like he was overprotective of me but i think it was for the best. Back in school, some people thought we were twins……. ooooh and the fact that he was a cleanfreak and more organized than me was kinda a deal breaker to me because he is a boy and am the girl in the family…..which kinda pushed me to try harder and outdo him which i did. Oooh and the fact that he is an architect is kind of a big deal too…..this guy just does what he knows best….he will design you the best houses and the best advices on what’s best to use……check out his plans on facebook, instagram and his website ECO BUILDING SYSTEMS LTD. This is what you’ve always wanted to do since we were small and hey, you did it bro!!! Today, you grow an year older and am so proud of you. Ooooh and that  that you became a dad in January is kinda very interesting. Thanks for always being an awesome brother you are, the sweetest uncle and the world’s best dad to Tyler………….ooooh and the fact that that you’ve made me try out writing, my first article had to be about you. Happiest Birthday Bro.